PersonalCinema & Collaborators

Ilias Marmaras: Research, scenario, gameplay design, direction, video shooting and editing, 2D design.
Yannis Skoulidas: Analysis of research results, data adaptation, 3D design, programming.
Dimitris Fotiou: 3D and 2D design.
Alexandros Salapatas: programming, 2D design.
Xenia Koliofoti: Analysis of research results, text editing, translations, speakage.
Daphne Dragona: Communication.
Maya Bontzou: photography.
Nikos Marmaras: sound recordings, sound editing.
Panos Papadopoulos / Prosenghisi: Final video and sound editing.


MIG@NET Program

Project coordinator: Panteion University (UPSPS)



Thematic Report - Border Crossings

WP Coordinator: University of Hamburg (UHH), Germany

Research teams:


Thematic Report - Information and Communication Flows

“Here, There and (Almost) Now: How ICTs Transform Migrants’ Living at Home”.

WP Coordinator: Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH), France

Research teams:


Thematic Report - Education and Knowledge

WP Coordinator: UNIBO, Italy

Research teams:


Thematic Report - Gender, Migration and Religious Practices Online

WP Coordinator: Utrecht University (UU), Netherlands

Research teams:


Thematic Report - Sexualities Online "Controversies of prostitution and trafficking online"

WP Coordinator: Peace Institute, PI, Slovenia

Research teams:


Thematic Report - Social Movements

“Migrant digitalities and Germinal social movements in three arrival cities:
Mobile commons transforming the urban questions?”

WP Coordinator: Symfiliosi (SYM), Cyprus

Research teams:


Thematic Report - Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue

WP Coordinator: University of Hull (UHull) United Kingdom

[Thematic report integration - PI Athina Karatzogianni]

Research teams:



funded under
FP7 Co-operation
Socio-economic Sciences
and Humanities